• Ralok

    Races of Jeeb

    February 17, 2017 by Ralok

    The world of Jeeb is like that of many other fantasy worlds, filled with many different species that all inhabit one world. Some people find worlds like this unrealistic and silly, working from the assumption that in a world where multiple sapient species evolved one would inevitably wipe out all the others.

    I have personally never believed that this idea in fiction should be treated as a strict rule. Even if you did take it as a strict rule you have to admit that in fantasy worlds the different species are usually more similar to races rather than species... although there are exceptions.

    This introduces its own problematic elements, with some races having innate bonuses over others. Especially when it comes to intelligence and behavior, th…

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  • Ralok

    Thoughts on Ulka

    February 9, 2017 by Ralok

    In episode 3 of Heroes and Halfwits second season we were introduced to Ulka, a draconic bounty hunter with a heck of a mean streak and shapeshifting capabilities. Ulka is representative of one of my favorite aspects of the dungeons and dragons experience, the story telling and world building that is created in the moment.

    At a whim the entire structure of the world being built can be changed, and provide new insights into everything.

    Ulka began her existence simply as a bounty hunter character that was trying to retrieve an object that Albus stole earlier in the campaign. She was intiially identified as male, and probably was not intended to be a dragon at all! But intervention from a little bit of Geoffs metagaming, and some questioning fr…

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