Shapershifters are a race of shape-changing beings that, as their name indicates, can morph from one shape to another.


In their natural form Shifters resemble tribal humans. They tend to be covered in tattoos and have tanned or dark skin tones. Their eyes are usually light blue or light red. They stand about as tall as a human and weigh slightly less.

Shapeshifters are extremely tough, they have very few weaknesses. One of their weaknesses is that they cannot abide the touch of silver, as such they are extremely vulnerable to Silvered Weapons. They also have a vulnerability to magical attacks, and can be detected with moon magic.


Following the fall of the Giant Empire the city of Jackal Heart was a good and peaceful place to live. But at some point in the cities history it was invaded by the Shapeshifters, who murdered the inhabitants and assumed their lives.

Their shapeshifting abilities were so great that they eventually forgot they were impersonating people and believed they were actually who they were impersonating. Not all inhabitants of Jackal Heart appear to be shapeshifters though, it seems to mostly be the Bahameen caste, the cities nobility.

Known Shapeshifters